Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My New Sikorsky Helicopter

I found this really cool (real) helicopter on sale on eBay. Very cheap, nice orange paint, Russian made Sikorsky (just a little bit too large to fit in my garage). The Russian guy who was selling it was super nice, so I bought it with "Buy it Now", and I'll use it to practice my real helicopter piloting skills (tired of flying that toy). It should not be that hard, since I already have my glider and private airplane pilot licence, plus a hang-gliding qualification (validated by a broken arm). So I enrolled in this crash-course for helicopter piloting at the Concord airport flight school, for the next two to three weeks. Unfortunately I had to cancel my Christmas trip to Paris, but I figured I have better chances to survive helicopter flight training than travelling with Alyssa :)


Fivestar said...

what a great story

Anonymous said...

no way!!!

haha is this for real?